Kaye-12 Tutoring

Martin Kaye is committed to equipping students with the tools and resources they need to positively shape their lives, professions, and communities, beginning before college. Kaye-12 Tutoring serves as a gateway for students to connect and engage. Whether they are currently struggling with homework assignments or just want to receive educational enrichment so they can succeed, Martin Kaye will provide them with the tools they need throughout their educational journey.

Providing support and additional resources to students during this unprecedented time is essential for your student's success. Martin Kaye will provide each student the individualized attention they deserve.

About Martin Kaye

Following 26 years in public education as a teacher and administrator, Martin Kaye is happy to offer educational services and tutoring to elementary, middle, and high school students.

While one of the main purposes of tutoring is to help guide students through specific subject matter difficulties they may be having, I strongly believe that part of the process should include working on time management, organizational skills, study skills, improving communication with teachers via email and in person, and other skills that can help students be successful now and in the future. Martin is prepared to help students in all subjects K-8. For high school students, he is prepared to help students with all social studies and English courses, some science, and 9th-grade Algebra. For all other math inquiries, he will refer students to another math tutor.